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Jan 28 15 5:52 AM

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Champions, banners and priests are based two figures to a base (I am using 40mm round bases for these if on foot - I haven't got to basing the mounted yet).

Banners and champions (or heros, or men of renown... anyone with a reputation that far exceeds his personal friendships) must be attached to one unit only. It may not attach itself to another unit once the game begins - unless it is the last remaining figure (figures... but count each base of two figures as one figure for all purposes. Two figures look good on a 40mm base as well as helping them to stand out amongst the general riff-raff). In addition, the champion needs someone by his side to whisper in his ear how good he is - even heros have moments of doubt, the man holding the banner needs a replacement (he knows he will be a focus of attention!) and the priests: one to hold the cross and the other to read scripture. All are subject to lucky blows.

Champions add 2 dice on all to hit rolls (thus, you could have a champion bowman). Champions attached to any unit apart from misslie units may issue challanges in the normal way. However, a refusal or a defeat effects the unit it is attached as far as courage tests are concerned.

For linked games have challenges between champions resolved on the roll of 1 dice. Should a champion win, he gets to roll 2 dice the next game and 3 should he win again. Once ln three gice he could then be able to challenge the leader!

Glory is due in the following manner: 4 point for dispatching a foe of equal ability (i.e rolling 1 dice each). 2 points for dispatching a foe of greater ability of 1 dice, 2 points of greater ability of 2 dice and 3 points if you get to dispatch a leader!

Banners: if a banner is attached to a unit on a failed courage test of 0+ the unit does not retreat (they rally round the flag). This is more interesting, I think, than adding +1 to courage rolls. This raises the pssibility of both units in melee remaining in contact, in which case one option is to immediately conduct another melee. Or have the winnig unit retreat 3 inches (if both units have a banner attached then another round of melee will occur). 

For linked games, should the unit to which the banner is attached rout a unit in one game, in the susequent game the unit is permitted to re-roll one courage test of its choosing. This ability can increase up to a maximum of three rolls in one game (thus, the unit would need to rout a unit in three seperate games to be able to re-roll courage tests three times in the fourth game). Should the unit be routed in a game then this ability is lost and only the no retreat abilty remains. Note, even if the unit to which the banner is attached routs more than one unit in one game it still only gains one re roll on the next game.

Should a banner be a casualty the side that caused the casualty gains glory equal to the number of re rolls it has +1 (for its initial ability). Therefore the maximum glory than can be gained is 4 points.

Priests: not sure what priests do yet!

Should any of these types fall to a lucky blow then only 1 point of glory is gained irrespective of its accumulated abilty. There is not much glory in a lucky blow!

In addtion, the above types can be subject to capture, discussed in a previous post.

Points: 1 point each, maximum of 4 of any mixture only. Or, 2 points each, maximum of 2 only (and a fin way to make up the full 24 points).

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Jan 28 15 2:05 PM

Still not sure what priests do - but should the retinue to which they belong win the game, following the examples above, they get to do it either twice in the next game up to a maximum of three. Should the retinue lose any battle the priests intervention goes back down to one attempt. Because if you win then god, or the gods, are on your side.

I am using priests here to designate any religious figures from, well, any religion. Should your opponent have priests from the same religion then you only ever get to claim 1 point of glory should they be slain. If they are from another religion then you get the full points of glory (calculated the same way as champions and banners).

So apart from champions, banners and priests - what other characters could be included (I can't think of any more at the moment. Witches would, of course, function in the same manner as priests. Holy relics maybe... allow one re-roll for retinue courage tests... that could be quite decisive! And, of course, the teeth of the various saints are easily lost!)

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Jan 31 15 3:59 AM

Upon reflection, +2 dice for champions attached to a unit is too strong! I would pop it down to one dice. And if this is a bit much, it could be a re-roll.

As an addition to the champion progression - a final benefit could be that if its leader is challenged then the champion could take his place without any negative results. This, of course, would depend on the character of the leader! Alan Rickman types could always do this!

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Apr 9 15 1:02 PM


Good suggestions. I may have to try this with my next game, whenever that might be. It will give me an additional option for the three 2-man mounted leader bases I have.


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