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Apr 15 15 1:46 PM

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Are there any standard multi-player scenario's that people have created ? My group at times has 3, 4 or 5 players who might want to play and so it would be cool if there were a couple of scenrio's created for this.

Spliting the players into 2 sides on the standard ones works, but I was thinking more for a free for all type scenario games. I have a couple of ideas - but wondered if others had anything of this style.
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Apr 23 15 4:14 PM

I'm thinking of doing something similar in the June Con up here in Toronto, Ontario. I have enough Dark Age figs to base a good scenario based in the Harrying of the North period for maybe 8 players. I need more Norman knights though - to give the 4 Norman players 1 unit each. Their opponents will have a mounted unit but not knights.

For the con game I may reduce the pts available slightly for each player (maybe 18 vs 24 pts), as the game has to come to a nice finish in approx 4 hours.

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