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Apr 11 15 5:55 AM

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Hi, how do you think is the best way to use terrain rules for units entering houses or towers (for example 4ground mdf houses with removable ceiling). Thanks!
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Apr 12 15 12:30 PM

Hmm, I suspect that such actions were well outside Dan's original intentions. My own thoughts are:
Mounted troops cannot enter buildings, let's not get into dismounting/remounting and horse holders.
No more than 6 figures may enter, so 12 man units count as half strength. You may prefer to limit it to 3, probably more realistic so every unit is at half strength.
Rules for fighting in rough terrain apply. Your heroic knight can get his brains bashed in by a serving wench who is hiding behind a door. I wouldn't even give foot knights the benefits of the Ferocious rule.
No missile fire.

TBH, I'd look at using an entirely different set of rules that focus on one to one combats inside buildings.

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Apr 15 15 4:36 AM

I was more generous, though we only had wattle and daub houses: Stop when you get to a building; move inside is one move; one unit per building. Troops inside count as being in cover. Only able to shoot out at half strength. That was it. If it had multiple floors, then one unit per floor, one full mive up or down.


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Apr 16 15 1:15 PM

In "The Sword and the Flame" Victorian Colonial rules (which we helped develop and play a lot), if the door or window is not guarded by an opponent, then the figure can walk or crawl right in. If it is guarded then you must fight and win a combat with the opponent in order to enter. But I agree with Dave that LR may not be the right rules vehicle to use for fighting inside a building or a castle.


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Apr 16 15 2:43 PM

Buildings is an interesting conundrum in the rules. What about the one guy defending the door (or the Viking holding the bridge)?

Imagine a unit in a building, but only two can defend a door... so only two can attack the door.

Either roll as a duel challenge per figure (and the unit seeking to enter the building needs to win both combats). The winner enteres the building - conduct another round of combat immediately as normal.

Or, use the attack stat only and roll for casualties on a one on one basis?

It is a nice idea to include such narrow entrances in games (not too many though), more difficult that a bridge or a pass. So I think this is an idea well worth exploring.

More simply however, give the unit in the building +1 armour (or +2!!!) and conduct an attack as normal. If the attacker wins then they are classed as been in the building. If the defender still has men in the building either conduct another round immediately or make ensure another round of combat occurs as soon as the initiative switches.

It would be good to hear other peoples thoughts on this. I can see it as been an interesting addition to the rules in relation to specific scenarios.

Rooms? Lets not convoluted matters, but treat each room as a building using one of the options above.

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Apr 17 15 5:45 AM

I think any rules would have to follow the basic system - to keep it simple and intuitive.

I would suggest treat buildings as rough ground and cover (+1 Armour to anyone in the building, +2 vs missile fire). For a castle or tower +2 Armour.

When attacking - only attack from a side with doors or windows. Fight a normal combat. Treat the combat result as if the defenders were in Schiltron (ie the attacker has to withdraw unless the defenders fail their Courage check). If the defenders have to withdraw and there are no other exits (eg they are on top of a tower) they lose figures as per the withdrawal rules but remain in the building.

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Apr 18 15 1:25 AM

As usual my idea was way to complicated. Jon1066 seems to have hit the nail on the head there.

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