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Mar 16 15 3:05 AM

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In Miniature Wargames With Battlegames issue 383, there was a new scenario and write up about a C14th skirmish on the Isle of Wight (and a dreadful pun that plased me no end).

Wargames Illustrated has a report about their Lion Rampant day online:

And the advert for issue 330 says they're including a piece on C15th Italy I wrote for the mag; this includes a little system for Retinue selection by bidding for units.

Elsewhere, expect something fantasy based in Wargames Soldiers & Strategy very soon... plus some other exicting news.
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Feb 13 15 4:03 PM

Lion Rampant in Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy 77

The next issue of Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy includes an article I've written about using Lion Rampant specifically for fifteenth century battles. I've included the much-requested but optional rules for gunpowder, pikes, and artillery (which can also be found on this forum). It will be on sale soon! Watch out for a few more 'Using Lion Rampant for…' articles in the coming months across the wargaming press (Dark Ages and Fantasy especially).

Here's the editor's write up:

Feature: Daniel Mersey, "Lion Rampant in the fifteenth century - Kingmaker"Lion Rampant is designed for battling out small engagements between medieval retinues of a few dozen soldiers, rather than hundreds. This makes it suitable for fighting the minor engagements and skirmishes of the later Hundred Years War, the Wars of the Roses, the Italian Condottiere, and countless other actions throughout Europe in the fifteenth century. 

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Feb 25 15 6:11 AM

Re: Lion Rampant in Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy 77

Looked for it yesterday but WH Smith still had the last issue on display. Bought Miniature Wargames, thoroughly enjoyed the Isle of Wight scenario Dan.

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Feb 26 15 2:30 AM

Re: Lion Rampant in Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy 77

I've started buying my magazines digitally. It's cheaper and you get them earlier than the print one excepting Miniature War-games & Battlegames which seems to come out a little later.

Anyway, a very interesting article for when I get around to opening my stock of Perry miniatures. I'm still in the 12th and 13th centuries at the moment.

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Mar 23 15 6:49 PM

Wargames Illustrated 330

Following on from the fifteenth century article in WSS, WI 330 has an article I've written about fifteenth century Italian mercenary armies, and how to use them in Lion Rampant or whatever other chosen rules you're using. There's a bit of background, of course, but the article is equally about a nice little bidding mechanism that I think suits the period very well. Rumour has it that there may be a Dark Ages follow up in the next issue!

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Apr 16 15 3:20 AM

Wargames Soldiers & Strategy 78

The fantasy article has been put back to the July issue - already plenty of Lion Rampant material, I'm told image - but chum Michael is having another article published:

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Apr 28 15 9:24 AM

WSS 78

Nothing by me in this issue - sighs of relief all round I suspect - but this is a pretty essential issue to pick up if you're interested in the HYW, and comes with several articles written for or mentioning Lion Rampant:

Mark Backhouse: Plantagenet Versus Valois
Mark Backhouse and James Oram: Avenging Bretonside (has some nice rule tweaks for the scenario)
Michael Leck: Warrior Queen of Kalmar
Matt Moran: Chevauchee
David Imrie and Andrew Taylor: The Red Harlaw (includes Mobile Schiltron rule)

A superb guide to available models for the HYW
A mention of Lion Rampant in the Dicing With Dai cartoon (I don't think I've had a mention in a cartoon before!)
Online article: The Road to Calais, a Lion Rampant campaign by editor Guy Bowers (

Phew! I think you'll agree this is an issue to purchase if you're a Lion Rampant gamer...

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May 7 15 1:40 AM

WSS 78 - what an excellent issue. There are four articles with specific mention and a few interesting variants to the rules. Is Dan on the editorial board and not telling anyone? :-)

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May 11 15 11:25 AM

Landwasters & Raven Feeders

Really liked the article, some really great stuff in it to make Lion Rampant take on a bit more of a Dark Age flavor. Also enjoyed the article in WS&S for later Medieval rules for Lion Rampant.

In your article for WI 331 about Lion Rampant for the Dark Ages you mention a set a rules called Blades of Crimson, do you know if they are available anymore? 

Thom Osborn 


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