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May 4 15 7:46 AM

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Here's a new unit type for you to try.
It's still a WIP so feel free to add comments and amendments.
This unit represents armed brother monks (not to be confused with Holy Order knights) - of the type who (may have) fought at the Battle of Chester, or perhaps those who had time to grab some sort of weapon before the vikings land, an abbey needing to protect itself in Outremer, or those riled into action by some outrage by the local lord.
Did monks ever get involved in organised fighting? Should they be a valid retinue unit? Who cares! It'll add a bit of fun and flavour, and that's good enough for me!
I thought I'd create a new unit type since serfs didn't seem quite right (the monks, surely, would have a better chance of activation and higher courage - due to their Faith and certainty of their actions), but foot yeomen seemed a bit too punchy for them. So I decided to create a new unit.

Attack - 5+
Move - 5+
Shoot - na
Courage - 3+
Armour - 1
Attack Value - 6+
Defence Value - 5+
Shoot Value - na
Move - 8"
Special Rules - Holy Relic
Models per unit - 12
Points - 2

Holy Relic - Inspired by the relics (or a cross, or a banner) of their patron saint, these holy brothers fight with more vigour and determination - Attack Value is 5+. Since they are looked on with favour by their patron, their Armour is raised to 2. To gift the Faithful with a Holy Relic costs 1 point.
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May 4 15 1:38 PM

This is an interesting addition. As you said, could be part of a retinue of a local district fighting off raiders (English on a chevauchee, maybe?) or acting against the deprivations of a "too big for his britches" local lord. I would think their weapons would be maces, clubs, quarterstaffs, etc. that would inflict bodily injury but wouldn't necessarily draw blood.



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May 4 15 1:44 PM

Scottish monks fought against Henry V111 at Pinkie 1547 during the Rough Wooing. A bit later than LR period but could well have happened before then, who knows for sure. I'm pretty sure one of the Arthurian era books I read has warrior monks trying to take over areas of land.


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