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Jan 7 16 5:33 AM

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When a unit of scouts are attacked the following occurs when they evade:

The charging unit then moves its full charge distance following the Evading unit; if it makes contact it Attacks with the Evading unit reducing its Armour to 1, and if it cannot contact it must move as close as possible.

This can't refer to the scouts reducing armour as theirs is already 1.

Does this mean that if an evade is successful that the attacking unit reduces its armour to 1? I would have thought that if the defending scouts managed to not evade far enough it would be them that are penalised, not the attackers, as they skirmish backwards and are caught in CC while spread out and skirmishing.

Cavalry especially would make short work of a skirmishing unit trying to withdraw, as would a body of close order infantry.


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Jan 7 16 6:10 AM

No the evading unit reduces its armour to 1. Light Cavalry can also evade so it is there for consistency. Also would this could come after any cover or other modifiers to armour?

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Jan 7 16 7:56 AM

Hmmm. I'd suggest it would come after cover modifier. A skirmishing unit is hardly making good use of cover for close combat as they aren't really defending a piece of terrain. Vs shooting yes but that doest count here

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Jan 7 16 9:23 AM

Yes it's just a penalty on the evaders not the attackers. I would rule that a caught skirmishing unit would not gain anything from cover and lose a point of armour (down to 1). Scouts if caught in an evade don't do well.

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Jan 7 16 10:25 AM

You don't have to Evade, and if you have a foot scout unit in cover they are probably better off staying there. Scouts caught in the open are already in trouble and the evade might just get them out of a jam, plus they would have nothing to loose if caught and if they are lucky with the shooting to begin with might come out slightly better.

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