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Jan 5 16 2:44 PM

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I bought a copy of the Jan 2016 issue of Wargames Illustrated today because I saw there was an article on a Dragon Rampant campaign and I thought it would prove useful.
And it look like I was right!
But one question - In the section on the Campaign Turn it says that each player puts together a force and then (under step 5) they battle. But how are sides divided in a multiplayer (3+) campaign? Is it all against all, or do players have to take sides? And how is that done? Or do players pair off and fight individual battles?
I just wondered how, if all players were fighting in the same area, the battle is actually staged in multiplayer games?


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Jan 9 16 11:45 PM

Oh, OK.
I don't recall seeing it in there (but I may have missed it). It just says they all have a battle in that area. Didn't, explicitly, state that it's one battle, all on the same table, and all-vs-all. I kind of like that idea, but not too sure how that would be staged on the tabletop. Doesn't matter though. So long as I know that was the intention I can either think how I can make that work or do it some other way.
Cheers for the clarification.


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Jan 13 16 2:37 PM

I just got the digital copy last night and the Campaign article is in it too. It looks good and has some real good ideas in it, only wish there was some way to be able to print those pages from my tablet, really don't want to have to type it all out.

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Apr 4 16 8:51 PM

I just discovered Dragon Rampant and have been scouring the Internet for information on it. I finally found this site and thought this campaign you all are speaking of sounds interesting. How detailed is the article? I am not familiar with Wargames Illustrated, so I don't know what to expect from an article in the magazine. :)

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