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Feb 12 16 11:17 AM

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I understand this question has been answered on Facebook Pages and on other threads, but I'd like to post this here just to be sure:

How does Wall of Spears work?  Can all of the units in the warband make their move and end in base to base contact in order to form the wall?  Or must all of the units besides the central model move to form up with the central model?

In the future, can we assume that all of the non-fantastical rules follow the errata and answers for the Lion Rampant rules?

Thank you!
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Feb 15 16 10:45 AM

There seems to be a general consensus on the Facebook page that when using this rule the unit has to generally stay where they are when they form. When I read the rule it seems to imply that that the unit could move forward and end their move in base to base and get the benefit of this rule.

So which one is it?

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Feb 15 16 10:47 PM

I am unsure about the way you are using the term Unit in your fist post and wonder whether you mean figures.
Wall of Spears relates to an individual unit.  The figures move or, rather, repositioned so that they are mo longer in a loose blob but are now in base to base contact with each other.  In essence, to use a historical gaming concept - the fifures move in so far as they make a new formation.  This is the only movement they can do.  The unit as a whole cannot make a move and then reform.  
In essence, the rules only allow a unit to do one thing in a turn: Rally or Shoot or Attack or Move or use a Spell.

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Feb 16 16 12:20 PM

I did mean figures when I said units. I was just wondering how the movement involved in forming a "Wall of Spears" worked. Apparently it was specifically addressed as moving to form on a central model in Lion Rampant, so I was wondering if the change in wording meant they could move their full Move distance while forming this wall.

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Feb 17 16 11:57 AM

I also believe the answer is form up on a centre model without moving.

Otherwise the restriction "cannot move in this formation" means nothing.You could just declare a shield wall each turn, move you distance and then resume the shieldwall. You would get a bonus to your armour, for the same activation roll, with no movement or other restrictions.

So it does not say anywhere that you can move first and to do so would contradict the seeming intent of the rest of the rule.

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Feb 22 16 3:56 AM

Does the unit stay in the wall of spears formation until it moves again? Can a heavy foot unit with the spellcaster ability get into a wall of spears, and in the next turn cast spells while remaining in the formation?

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Feb 24 16 12:48 AM

I've a similar question to the above.
If I form my Light Foot into Wall of Spears could they then (in subsequent turns) throw their short-range missiles whilst still in Wall of Spears?
I see nothing to say they can't (to both my situation and the one above asking about casting spells). In fact, I'd say you clearly can - the Mixed Weapons upgrade states explicitly that units with Mixed Weapons lose the Wall of Spears ability but no such prohibition is mentioned under Short-Range Missiles, indicating that the author had thought about players hiding behind a wall of spears yet still hurling missiles and deciding it was OK with short-range missiles (and presumably spells too).


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Feb 24 16 4:02 AM

The short range missiles came up before and I believe it was deemed OK. I would say thematically no reason to have it different for the wizard. Points wise though Wizardling would then become better than Mixed as an upgrade.

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Feb 29 16 12:08 PM

Yeah, there may be a case for balance concerns and whatnot, I'm very laissez faire with regard to balance in DR. It doesn't concern me personally, but there might be a conversation there.
I don't think there is an issue with regards to the rules as stated though.

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