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Jun 5 16 6:31 PM

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For Dan M,

I am not so much interested in how many real me that you see your bases representing, but what is your impression of the size ratio between the main shieldwall/warrior bases to a cavalry base or a skirmisher base?  IE: if we say a shieldwall base represents say 100 men, how many men do the other types of base represent? 

Many thanks

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Aug 12 16 6:41 AM

I've not been able to access the site for a looong time but am able to at the moment. There was no need to plead (I'd have got to it in the end) but I can now repsond...

A skirmish unit represents fewer men than a Warrior or Shieldwall unit, but I haven't thought in a highly detailed way about this. If a stand represents around 50 Warriors or Shieldwall men, I'd say may 25-30 skirmishers. Essentially, I think in 'bunches' rather than actual numbers.

Depending on why you wanted to know, that may be useful or not...?

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Aug 14 16 6:46 PM


TY - I am particularly interested in the non skirmish bow units and the cavalry as we are looking to use DB for some 1066 games and would like to work out proper OOBs for Hastings in particular.

As a baseline, we are using 24 x figures on a 160mm base width to represent 500-600 in a shieldwall or warrior unit.



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Aug 15 16 1:45 PM

I'd suggest building what 'looks right'. So if your 24 model units nicely packs out the base, reduce that until the number of skirmishers is spaced like... skirmishers would be. Regarding actual numbers in early medieval battles, it's all reasonably speculative about numbers anyway isn't it, or at least for numbers of skirmishers etc.

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