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Jun 6 16 6:34 PM

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Hun/steppe army

1x Companion Cav (With special fire and move rule) ( 5 points)
1-4 x Noble Missile Ryders (with special fire and movement rule) (5 points)
2-4 x  Missile Ryders (“””””) (3 points)
0-2 x  Ryders (subjugated German Ryders) (3 points)
0-4 x Warriors/shieldwall (subjugated Germans) (3 points)
2-6 x Mounted Skirmishers (with special fire and move rule) (2 points)

Alternate Companions could be heavy cav (cataphracts rules) (6 points)Could have a scouting bonus alt rule.

Also these special fire and move rules could aply to Sarmations, Allans, and later steppe armies.

Allies: Romans, Germans, Allans,

Enimies: Chinese, Western Romans, Eastern Romans, Allans, Germanics,

Stratigies: Experianced Warlord, Veterans, Loyal, Stampeed, Challenge, a new one as Fear?

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Jun 7 16 5:50 PM

yes you are right there should be at least one. I put up to four because by the time Atilla or other steppe warriors reach Europe they have either assimalated more experianced warriors from other tribes or their own warriors have gone up the cast. Atillas whole centre was made up of his own loyal men. So that gave me the reasoning. I think its all optional though.

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