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Aug 28 16 6:34 AM

I'm not sure if I've missed this elsewhere, but what unit sizes do the rules use? All my Ottoman units are in multiples of 5, so I'm wondering how that will work.

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Aug 28 16 8:52 PM

Hmmmm, it seems Dan is quite merciless with the whip as I try to paint stuff, what with putting out a new period for LR style rules every 6 months or so.

I'm thinking these could be used for some fights with Ethiopians and Portuguese against Ahmed the left handed and his Ottoman allies.

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Aug 30 16 1:18 PM

Codsticker wrote:
My understanding is- as they are based on the Lion Rampant mechanics- they will be units of 6 or 12 figures.

But as The Men Who Would Be Kings is not exclusively using 6 and 12 figure units I thought I'd get clarification.

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Aug 31 16 6:44 AM

Hi Sunjester,

With The Pikeman's Lament units are in groups of 6 and 12. With TMWWBK the units are slightly different ie infantry unit can be 10-12 figures  However if you don't mind a recording the strength of a unit using a dice or noting it on a pad then you can easily use units of 5. Just remember that you have a spare 1 or 2 invisible figures in your unit that will soak up the hits before you start removing your figure blocks.

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Sep 8 16 2:31 PM

I'm designing a late 15th century ottoman army for Lion Rampant, do you think it could be morphed into a Pikeman Lament's one? Of course some muskets will be added. Will the number of miniatures and the points system remain about the same?

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Sep 12 16 3:45 AM

Hello ItalicaAcies,

To answer your question, bascially yes. You will have no problem using your Ottoman army for Pikeman's Lament. The core mechanics of the game are more or less the same, using the same number of minis per unit and the points system.

The new rules will have more complex character generation and campaign system. It a fun set of rules with enough new elements which you can also use to enhance the original Lion Rampant if you wish.

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Sep 12 16 2:18 PM

Do you know if there are formations or anything like that in Pikeman's Lament?

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Sep 14 16 3:18 AM

Hi Codsticker, 

Yes, similar to the schiltron in Lion Rampant you can form your pikemen into 'Close Order'. The big difference is that they can move! One of the toughest units in the game that can see off both cavalry and shot.

Shot (musket-armed units) have a special rule of 'First Salvo' which adds extra power to their first action/engagement. If I remember any more I'll let you know.  

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#31 [url]

Sep 14 16 1:16 PM


When are the rules out? On the Dutch wargames Facebook page we are having a vote for the yearly mega game that takes place in August the Dutch 80 year war is winning currently. I just got the men who would be kings as colonial is in 3rd place. This game souls like it would fit the period and be ideal for beginners to this period.

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#32 [url]

Sep 15 16 7:11 AM

Hello Corver, the rules are due out in January 2017 I believe. If you're used to playing Lion Rampant then you should easily be able to pick up and play The Pikeman's Lament. There are a few differences (and improvements) the the original rules. I imagine it would suit the Eighty Years War perfectly for your game.

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#35 [url]

Jan 8 17 5:08 AM

Forum for Pikeman's Lament

Is it planned for there to be a section on this Forum dedicated to Pikeman's Lament?

Also, does anyone know if it will be possible to take armies from LR and fight agaiunst PL ones? - I was thinking of using the Ottomans from LR for Siege of Vienna 17th century.



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#36 [url]

Jan 12 17 12:40 PM

Hi Simon

i don't know about any sextionde here at the forum but i hope a admin can answer.

regarding your Ottomans, you can field them in the Pikeman's Lament but you have to choose troop types from The Pikeman's Lament to represent them. I would not mix Lion Rampant Troop Types withe the ones in The Pikeman's Lament as i think the ones from Lion Rampant arn't as good. 

Best regards Michael. 

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#37 [url]

Jan 12 17 12:45 PM

@ Sunjester

Pikes and Shot are in separate units no mixed units.

you can see a list of the Troop types Included at My blog


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