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Oct 31 16 10:47 AM

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Is Rally an action or a test, or both?
Because of the wording in the rule book, it implies it is both. Thus it would require a unit to attempt a Rally Action, and if successful, then it can perform a Rally Test to remove pin markers.
Is that the intention?
Been playing it as a test only in LR and Dr, but perhaps I've gotten it wrong...and my Bidowers are never coming back...

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Nov 1 16 10:02 AM

It's a compulsory free action. If you are pinned, you must take a Rally action (which is free) and then make your test.
You can't do any other actions because you've used your action for the turn.

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Nov 1 16 10:22 AM

Hello Allen Ness, welcome to the forum.

Rally is both an action and a test. As Steve points out it is a compulsory free action.

The action is to attempt to Rally, if you pass this test then the unit is no longer pinned. You don’t have to then test again to remove the pins. If the unit fails to Rally then it receives another pin or runs off the field.

In games once a unit becomes pinned it can become increasing difficult to try and rally them, the more pins the harder it gets.

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