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Nov 5 16 11:57 PM

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I had my first game of TMWWBK last night.  A question came up about Go To Ground:
After a unit succeeds with a Go to Ground action, can it take any other action without losing it's gone to ground status?  The question came about after a group of Pathan irregular infantry with fieldcraft went to ground in some rocky terrain, and then wanted to snipe at British infantry nearby.

Thanks in advance!

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Nov 7 16 11:35 AM

Hi Will,

Welcome to the forum. As I understand it ‘Gone to Ground’ and ‘Firing (or Sniping) are different actions so can’t do both be used at the same time (if that makes sense). However if your Pathan irregular infantry have previously gone to ground in rocky terrain when they will gain advantage from the ‘Hard Cover ‘provided by the rocks if anyone attempts to shoot back or attack them.

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Nov 7 16 2:05 PM

When I look at the final bullet on P21 I feel you need to use a Stand To (or another Gone to Ground) order to continue to benefit from the effect of the Gone to Ground rule. Therefore I do not believe you can snipe at the enemy and retain the benefit of the Gone to Ground order.I’m viewing Gone to Ground as “keeping your head down/hunkering down”.

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