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Dec 12 16 11:38 AM

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My old medieval figures from the Seventies (oh, the glory!) are organised in units of 10. As extra figures are almost impossible to get now, unless through a stroke of luck on EBay, I conclude that I will need to use them in 10s for LR. Any suggestions on whether this needs a modification to the rules? I propose to use 12/6 dice and I don't see that causing any problems. What about MAA and mounted units, though? If they come in 5s, and get 12 dice until there are just 2 men left, does that make them too strong? Tede
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Dec 12 16 7:07 PM

I only see it being as problem if you squaring off against an opponent that is using units of 12 and 6. On the question of MaA being too strong, I think you would have to play a couple of games to see. Alternatively you could also just reduce the number of dice rolled across the board; make attacks 10 dice and 5 dice.

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Dec 13 16 4:42 AM

I don't think it will be a problem if you keep to 12/6 dice and halve it after 6 casualties have been removed for large units and 3 for small. So a unit of 10 will drop to six dice with 4 figures left and a unit of 6 with 2 figures. I can't recall ever seeing a 12 man unit fight to the death without routing so the extra two casualties you are missing out on won't be an issue (except No Feelings special rule)

For the six man units then perhaps give the last guy a "do over". ie they aren't removed with the first casualty but with the second. You can mark that with a token or if you have standard bearer perhaps keep it till last then swap it out with a regular trooper.

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Dec 22 16 9:39 AM

I may have misunderstood this but when I didn't have enough figures I used a couple of dogs as substitutes and they were the first to go as casualties. So, 10 men and 2 dogs was twelve men. 10 men and one dog was 11 men and 10 men was ten men.
I did try it the other way around but a final charge by two greyhounds looked silly :)

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