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Feb 6 15 10:46 AM

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How do we upload photos to the forum?
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Feb 7 15 5:51 AM

The pictures need to be hosted on the internet upon another site, such as a blog or photobucket.

Once the pictures are up on the internet you require the URL image data - this is achieved by right clicking [on a mouse or keyboard scrollpad] upon the picture you want to use and selecting "Copy image URL".

Once you've got that information (which is kept hidden and in your computers memory) you come over to this forum and create a new post/reply to a post and select the "image" button from the control panel above where you type your post (the image button looks like a pictureframe with mountains and a sun inside). 

When you've clicked the image button a pop-up box will appear on your screen and it will ask for the URL you wish to use - this is where you paste the URL data you copied earlier. To do this, right click on the URL entry and then select "paste" from the menu that will appear. Your image may or may not appear below, inside the pop-up box.

Press the green button on the pop-up box; "okay". Your image should now appear in your draft post ready to use.

It sounds complicated, but it isn't. Once you've done it a few times it's easy. 


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Feb 8 15 2:18 PM

Bertrand de Massone wrote:
OK, no issues with that except I don't store my pics on t'internet or use photobucket, etc...

I was trying to load them direct from my mac to the forum!

If you like... send the pics to me and I will post them directly to the Dropbox for the group. I have no problems with that.

Another option is to just upload them to your Yuku profile as well. In fact that's prolly the best way. Go to your profile and look for the "photos" link. From there you can create albums for your own use. Upload away. Afterwords... you should be able to post your pics directly to the forums here - any photos you like from your Yuku albums. This is what I do anyway.

Lemme know if you need more help.


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#5 [url]

Feb 9 15 11:53 AM

RoyWilliamson wrote:
Once the images are uploaded to the yuku album how do you go about using them in a forum post?

Hotlinking via an URL and using the [image] button or is there another method?


When you start a new post there will be a small blue button in the upper left. I believe it is called "View Albums". When you click that it will open all your current albums you have on Yuku. For instance one album might be profile pics, another Lion Rampant, etc, ; whatever albums you made and uploaded pics to. Choose the album you want to post a pic from in the drop down menu. Next... you will see all the pics in that album displayed for you. Simply double click each picture you want to add to the post. I should add that you can't add pics with a "Quick Reply".

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#6 [url]

Feb 3 17 1:42 PM

I normally upload some pics to an album located in my profile here on Yuku. You can then upload them here to the group. THere are some other ways to do it as well - see the earlier posts.


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