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Feb 2 17 2:43 PM

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Hiya folks,

A quick question about the "At The Double" Action:

When do you dice for the extra movement distance?
Do I:
A) declare action - roll for leadership check - move normal move - dice for extra distance - move rest
B) declare action - roll for leadership test - roll for extra distance - move total?

Obviously this can make a HUGE difference! Lets say I have a Zulu Tribal Infantry nicely Gone To Ground just outside the short range of some pesky Redcoats - I obviously would like to give them a close up demonstration of my spear wielding prowess. If option B above and I dont roll 4+ on my extra movement I will dally about at long range and try again next turn - If option A above I could be left redfaced at close range as I fail to make the distance and can look forward to an exhibition of modern marksmanship!

This has perplexed us and seperated us into two distinct camps - please help!
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Feb 7 17 6:44 AM

We use your B. Actually we throw an extra (different coloured) dice along with the 2 for the test to save time!

Don't forget the rule change for Regulars, limiting the number of consecutive At The Double moves.

Hope it helps.

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Feb 8 17 12:04 PM

We use B but use the full move towards the enemy, even if you do not reach them. If a unit has activated for an Attack no-one in my gaming circle would dream of "dallying about at long range", the unit is rushing forward at full pelt so doing anything else would be considered extremely "cheesy".

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Feb 10 17 7:04 AM

I think if a unit is ordered to move 'At the double' it *must* move the full distance.
Otherwise it isn't obeying the order.
So the answer is, makes no difference when you roll the dice - if you pass the order roll, you must move the full distance.

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