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Feb 22 17 11:06 PM

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Pikes in Close Order formation are attacked by enemy Gallopers. Pikes receive two casualties and the Gallopers one; both pass their morale test. My question is which unit must retreat, the Close Ordered Pikes or Attacking enemy Gallopers? If possible please give reason for your interpretation.


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Feb 23 17 5:10 PM

Hi Max and Matt

in this case when both units still are in contact after the combat normaly the unit that took the most casualties would have to retreat as Matt pointed out. But in this case tha pike unit are in Close Order and then the Gallopers Will be forced to retreat due to the Close Order special rule: "If an Attack ends with both units still in contact, the enemy must retreat (unless the enemy is also in Close Order) " Se Close Order on page 20.

So the Gallopers would retreat in your example Max.

best regards Michael

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Feb 24 17 7:17 AM

Ubique Matt wrote:
Goes to show what I know. I'd forgotten about the special close order rule.

If in doubt, ask the author -  ;) 

Must admit i had to check the rules and read a couple of time first 😬

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Feb 24 17 8:42 AM

So if two close order Pike units fight, the defender gets one casualty and the other (the attacker) two, neither retreat.  Do they immediately fight another round of combat or remain in contact until next round then may either disengage or fight?


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Feb 27 17 9:57 AM

Thanks to both for the clarification.

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