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Jan 9 16 1:57 PM

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Well, because of Dan´s Halfling retinue "Sheriff of Nuttyham" and the circumstance that "Schrumpfkopf" of Westphalia Minatures will start a new Kickstarter with
Halfmen (Rob Hood & and his Merrymen; Civilans) in March,
i can´t resist and must start Fantasy playing again :)

Therefore here my thoughts about a Rob Hood Halfmen retinue:

Choose any number of the single figure heroes (withing your allowed retinue costs)
and choose also any number of Scout units.
The name of the heroes will change in future, after the corresponding halfling merrymen are official available ;)


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Jan 11 16 3:01 AM

Because of new thoughts a the upcoming halfling miniatures range,
i change the heroe unit "Maid Mariam" to a reduced unit (Maid Mariam and her 2-3 abigails) and change the spellcaster ability to "Wizardling",
so i save 2 points for other retinue upgrades or an additional merrymen scout unit :)


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Apr 29 16 12:17 PM

The first "Greens" of the new Halfmen Robin Hood range :)




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Dec 14 16 2:22 PM

With the second Kickstarter from Westfalia Miniatures i will get finally my Halfling Robin Hood :)

And i have revised my Robin Hood army list a little bit, see below :)
I plan also a special "Robin Hood - Sheriff of Nuttyham" scenario, see the thread here


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Mar 17 17 11:11 AM

Well, because of finishing all the setup of my promotion scenario, here a updated army list of Rob Wood & Merrymen

and here a snapshot of Rob Wood and his journeymen in their hideaway


Top row from left to right:
- Little Bone
- Rob Wood
- Maid Mariam
- Will Smartness
- Friar Toper

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