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Apr 1 17 3:56 AM

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I am going to be using TMWWBK for a  new project covering a fictional border dispute between the USA and Canada in the 1920s. This will eventually involve the regular military, North West Mounted Police, gangster bootleggers and assorted local, loggers, trappers, hunters etc. I know it's out of period, but I have found the rules work well for the early 20th century in the Balkans, so should cope with this.

In 1920, the the Jones Act required all goods entering or leaving Alaska had to be transported by American carriers and shipped to Seattle prior to further shipment. This caused outrage in Canada and led to Canada initiating border trade controls in retaliation. In remote areas this caused issues for those who regularly crossed the border as a part of their occupation, such as hunters, loggers and bootleggers. As tempers flared, violence broke out between armed civilians on both sides and Canadian customs officials came under fire.....

There is more on my blog

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Apr 3 17 7:51 PM

Sounds like an unusual project. I think another good period would be right after Little Big Horn when the Sioux crossed the medicine line and entered into Canada. Lots of potential 'What if...' there.

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