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Apr 18 17 9:23 AM

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So, having only played one game of Pikeman's Lament, it became sort of obvious that the Pikeman's Lament is, "How do I protect the shot?"

Since neither shot nor pike have any reaction to being charged, and cavalry can choose to charge anyone in range, how can the pike unit protect the shot?

I mean, I sorta don't mind if pikes have a diminished role at this level of representation, since they were rarely dispatched for small unit actions. Forces represented at this level would most likely consist of all cavalry or a combination of horse and shot. You might run into pikes in more of a defensive role. We have some ideas about that, but thought I would learn what more experienced players have seen over many games.


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Apr 18 17 10:38 AM

How about something simple.
If the shot have friendly pike within 3", they are assumed to run for the shelter of the pike block, and so the cavalkry must charge the pikes.

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Apr 18 17 2:29 PM

Yep. We are thinking along those lines. Maybe a special rule for Shot:

Shot who are charged by mounted and are within 3" of Pikes may move to shelter behind the pikes with a roll of 6+. If successful, move the shot behind the Pike unit. The mounted unit may redirect the charge onto the Pikes and must do so if conducting a Wild Charge.

The reason to move the Shot is to cause some level of disorder to the infantry, who must now spend time getting the Pike and Shot units back where you want them.

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Apr 19 17 1:44 PM


Here comes some thoughts from me and Dan.

If you place your Pike unit a couple of inches in front of your Shot units, there is a greater probability that the Horse won´t be able to reach the Shot, and if the Horse move closer to the Shot unit as a target for their attack, they open up to be charged by the Pike unit.

Pikes were expected to step in and be used aggressively when the Shot reloaded and then move out of the way to let the Shot fire... and then step in again to protect them. So use the Pike unit offensively and your Shot units might have a longer lifespan. We feel that this depicts the interaction between pike and shot quite nicely in a game the size The Pikeman's Lament.

Best regards Michael and Dan

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