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May 17 17 8:36 PM

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As we seem to have 4 so far :) Covering Medival, Fantasy, Pike & Shot, and Colonial.

Will there be a version covering Ancients/Roman Empire and maybe one covering from Culloden to ACW?

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May 27 17 4:04 PM

I would love to see a sci fi version. I know there is the unoffical "Lasers Rampant" variant but I would love to see a published set of sci fi rules using the "Rampant" ruke mechanisms.

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May 29 17 12:08 AM

Personally, I hope there aren't any more versions.
I wouldn't be buying them anyway.
I really enjoy playing Lion Rampant (last played just a couple of days ago) but I think there are enough versions now. For me.
It's not rocket science - anyone could easily come up with their own variation. It doesn't need 'Dan Approval'.

For me, when I play a different game I like to different game. Otherwise it'd be like playing chess, only you'll use your Simpsons pieces and I'll use my Star Trek pieces.
When I play a different period I like to play a different set of rules, otherwise I'm not really playing something different. That's me, though.


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