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May 27 17 4:34 AM

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Just working on another scenario, using my collection of the old Warhammer Skirmish scenarios :)


Egg Hunt

A bold retinue of adventures have to rob eggs from a nest of a scary Dragon (or any other monster, the players have available).

A battlefield around  100cm x 100cm (120cm x 120cm for Multiplayer)
The nest should be in the dead center of the table on top of a multilayer hill. In the nest should be 3 dragon eggs. At the foot of one end of the hill, there can be
impassible rocks and fallen logs e.g. There should be groups of trees in either corner as shown on the map.
The complete hill count as rough terrain.


Attacker/Nest Raider: Retinue of 24 points, only Infantry units, one of the unit should be the Leader unit playing as "Single Model or reduced unit".
Defender/Dragons: One Mother Dragon and two Dragon hatchlings, values see below.

Victory Conditions:
Attacker/Nest Raider: The Nest Raiding gang is trying to get an egg from the nest and take it off the table via any table edge.
Defender/Dragons: The objective for the monsters is to stop the Nest Raiders from escaping off the board with any eggs.

- No egg was robbed = Superior Victory of Defender (Dragon)
- 1 egg was robbed = Tight Victory of Defender (Dragon)
- 2 eggs was robbed = Tight Victory of Attacker (Nest Raiders)
- 3 eggs was robbed = Superior Victory of Attacker (Nest Raiders)

The “Mother” monster does not start the game on the board. She enters play sometime after the nest has been violated or any of the Dragon hatchlings was attacked.
Roll as soon as a Raider has touched the nest or attacked any hatchling. On a 4+ the Mother may enter from any table edge. If the mother doesn’t enter that turn, roll at the end of each
player’s turn again.
The Hatchlings start in the nest or anywhere on the plateau of the nest.

Attacker/Nest Raider:
The Nest Raiders must start the game on any table edge.

Who goes first:
The Nest Raiders go first, as they’re the ones doing the raiding, and the Mother monster isn’t on the table yet.

Special Scenario Rules:

Defender/Dragon Hatchlings:
As long none of the Raiders has contacted the nest or attacked any hatchling, they are passive. After they got active, they can be moved only on the plateau of nest. Except of this, they can attack all,
which is in range.

Raiding the Nest:
To grab an egg, all that is needed is to move a unit (one model is enough) in contact with the nest. The unit may not move further in the turn, it grabbed an egg.
Carrying an egg, does not hinder moving or battling. If a unit with an egg get battered or killed, it leaves the egg at this place, where the situation happens. If an egg got safety over a table edge,
the unit may move back next turn on any table edge with a successful move activation.

Playing Turns:
Still thinking about it....

In a multiplayer game one player plays the dragons and each other player a retinue of 18-20 points, only Infantry units, one of the unit should be the Leader unit playing as "Single Model or reduced unit".
After each complete round, the order of players will determined random.
Pro player there should be W3 eggs in the nest.

Victory Conditions Multiplayer:
Attacker/Nest Raider: They get victory points for each egg, they get off the table via any table edge.
- 1st egg = 1 VP
- 2nd egg = 2 VP
- 3rd and follwoing eggs = 3 VP each.
Defender/Dragons: They get 1 victory point for each egg, remaining in nest at end of game.

OPTIONAL - Non Player Dragons:
In a multiplayer game the dragons can be played as NPC´s. No activation rolls are needed.
- The Dragon hatchlings attacks here the nearest enemy unit (determine random, if more are in same range), after they got "active"
- The Mother Dragon arrives here after a 4+ die roll not on a table edge, but direct over the nest (table/hill center). It moves also always to the next enemy unit and attacks it (melee or range attack).
Determine also random, if more units are in same range. If a unit has already a egg, the Mother dragon moves in direction to this unit and attacks it if possible (or another unit in range).

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#1 [url]

May 27 17 4:45 AM

Here a few steps of building the hill and other first thoughts about the scenario :)

First values of the dragons. You need a Mother Dragon (monster) and two monster hatchlings.


As you can see, the Mother Dragon has more as the general allowed points, but its should be not a tournament game, but a workable nice scenario. And for this, i vary from the rules,
if it´s makes sense for a scenario :)

Here the first raw hill, made with foamboard :)


Here the hill, revised with expanding foam, and raw fitted


Hill primed with different colors


And the final result, with a first example setup, how the final table could looks like :)


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#3 [url]

May 27 17 10:00 AM

Thanks for this, you have just given me a fantastic idea for a 4-player game. I need to go away and work out the details!

Let me know your rules too.
I added all my scenario rules/thoughts, including my multiplayer rules. But as i said, all temporary, the final rules can only be seen after a couple of test games :)
And i am open for ideas of other players :)

And if someone wants to transfer my bad english scenario notes into correct one, feel free and do it :)

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