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Feb 1 15 7:20 AM

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So … I've mentioned that I'm working on a new game at the moment, and thought it would be worth adding a quick note about it. It's called "The Men Who Would Be Kings" - "Kings" for short, I reckon - and it's a colonial 'big skirmish', similar in size, style and scope to Lion Rampant.

It's due to publish late in 2016, so there's currently a lot of playing of the early drafts. In the immediate future I'll be posting news about the rules mostly on my blog (, but closer to publication we'll add a new section to this forum.

The first report I've seen online was blogged earlier today: 

I thought I'd share this news here pretty promptly as I'm hoping a few people will be interested image
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Feb 2 15 12:14 PM

Patient? I know how slow some people paint!! (Not you of course Matt!)

I'm billing them as Indian Mutiny - Boxer Rebellion, but like LR they are simple enough to tweak for using outside that period. Sikh Wars should be no problem whatsoever (I might even push the description to include the Sikh Wars…).

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Feb 2 15 3:09 PM

I just picked on the Sikh Wars as the first major colonial conflict of the Victorian era that came to mind, but to be more accurate I should probably have said the First Afghan War. That has an Anglo-centric bias, as do most colonial rules. The true beginning of 19th century colonial expansion - and an under-explored conflict - was the French conquest of Algeria, for which the Foreign Legion was originally raised. I suppose it all depends on how much attention you're going to give to the weaponry, as the period saw major advances in fire-arms, with smoothbore muskets eventually giving way to breech-loading, and even magazine rifles, with the 'natives' traditionally - as far as rules are concerned - being armed with inferior weapons, and - again, according to tradition - less skillful in their use . A lot to pack in to a relatively small set (I assume - you still haven't confirmed my surmise over the format).

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Feb 2 15 3:18 PM

No question - for me it has to be the Maori Wars. The science fiction equivalent are almost done. Meaning here, almost two lots of 24 points! (Never commit to a project unless you can furnish both sides!!!)

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Feb 3 15 11:50 AM

Dan, my painting rate is often glacial so there will be no pressure from me to see the ruleset.

Those Studio Miniatures look very tempting, although their website needs a bit of attention - very thing seems to be 'Coming soon!' My interest in the Sikh wars was piqued on numerous visits to nearby Lichfield cathedral. Inside is the military chapel of the Staffordshire Regiment which has a number of captured Sikh battle standards. These were taken at the Battles of Ferozeshah and Sobraon (and are being restored/conserved so are not currently on display).

At an event at the Walsall Art Gallery where they were promoting the Sikh heritage (and recruiting for the British army) one chap, Dean Whitehouse I believe, had a very impressive static 28mm battle on display which I stumbled upon. The Sikh armies looked fantastic. Plus he even had elephants to transport the artillery. How any points do you reckon for an elephant?

Have I mentioned I like elephants?

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Feb 3 15 2:15 PM

Zulu? 2nd Afghan? Transvaal?

Most of my colonials come from around 1880. If the rules can be pushed towards these I'd be interested. Especially in the north west frontier era.


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May 10 15 3:08 PM

I know this is a a bit away yet but I wondered if there was any idea about unit sizes. I picked up some zulu war stuff a little while ago and I have been looking for some decent rules for a while. I have enjoyed lion rampant so I am looking forward to these rules but want to make sure I build the forces I need.

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Aug 25 15 12:56 PM

How suitable might these rules be for the first Italian invasion of Ethiopia? I ask because I'm in the middle of painting some Ethiopians for Bolt action and a good number of them would be suitable for the earlier conflict.

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Aug 28 15 10:09 AM

Dan, do you think these would transfer across to the Ottoman wars in the Balkans? I know it's not strictly Colonial, but both side field regulars of varying quality, from excellent to third-rate, half-trained militias and assorted irregular types.


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Aug 28 15 11:44 AM

Hi Graham, that's not a conflict I know much about at all, but TMWWBK should model that troop dynamic you mention fairly well. In the rules I've equated magazine rifles with marksmen, in that they both have a better chance of hitting (one through skill, the other through weight of fire), so that might help too.

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#20 [url]

Aug 29 15 3:42 AM

Thanks Dan. I should have finished painting my figures by the time the rules are out!

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