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Jan 16 15 4:17 PM

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Hi all,
I'm getting ready to build a couple of 10mm armies and a board to go along with them. I'm thinking of going with 6 cm wide bases, because I've seen a few projects on the internet and that size just looks right to me with 10mm figures. However, I also want a fairly small board that I can just plop on the dinner table since I don't have a nice big dedicated gaming table — could I get away with a 90 x 60 cm battlefield if I'm using 6 cm base widths? I haven't played the game yet so I'm not sure how much deviating from the suggested board sizes would cause issues.
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Jan 18 15 6:23 AM

I've recommended a table 120 x 90 for 6cm base widths. You will be able to play on your 90 x 60, but there will be less room for manoeuvre (as move distances are set by base widths). If you're playing with mostly Foot armies, that will be less of an issue, but you might find that Mounted war bands fly around the table too easily.

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Jan 30 15 1:46 PM

Thanks, Dan. One thing that caught my eye about the recommended table sizes - a 60 x 60 cm table is recommended for 4 cm base widths, which is 15 x 15 BW, while for 6 cm base widths it's 120 x 90 cm, or 20 x 15 BW. Is there any reason for the difference?

Luddite, I'm using Pendraken late Romans for my Romano-Brits, and I'm still working out what figures to use for the Saxons I intend to paint up. The Pendraken late Romans have some beardy 'Saxon' militia with round rather than oval shields, but they're a little static for warriors, so I'm thinking of converting some of the Romans in advancing poses by cutting down their shields. Seems like it won't be too tough, but I imagine converting 100-150 10mm shields will get a bit tedious.

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Sep 11 15 2:24 AM

I'm also planning to take the plunge with 10mm figures. I was set on the 6cm x 3cm bases, but my main wargaming opponent is keen on going with bigger bases (possibly even as big as 10cm x 5cm). What are the recommended table sizes for 8cm and 10cm bases?

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Sep 14 15 3:08 PM

I imagine you could just double the table size for 4cm bases for 8 cm – so 120x120 cm (about 4'x'4'), and 5'x5' or so if doing 10 cm wide bases. One thought that occurred to me since my first post on this thread would be to use 6x4 cm bases and use base depth (so 4 cm) as the unit of measure. This would enable me to use a slightly smaller table while still giving opportunity to manoeuvre - and with 10mm figures I imagine the relatively shorter movement and shooting would feel 'right'. If you were to take the same tack, you could use 5 cm base depth as your movement unit, which would let you use nice big bases without requiring an enormously wide table.

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