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Feb 6 15 7:39 AM

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For the past few weeks I have been having some great games with Dave Fielder, getting him au fait with the rules etc. Below is a link to one of the games we played this week. Our aim is to play a mini-campaign, when dave's book has arrived.
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Feb 7 15 4:09 PM

Fantastic. Loved the minis! Those sheep! and the Cross as well. What a fun little battle that was. Keep posting my friend. I really am interested how the campaign works out.

Oh... have you tried Dux Brit. by the Lardies? The campaign system there is chalk full of ideas you can swipe.

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Feb 8 15 3:25 AM

Hi Kurtus,
glad you liked the game and the sheep are always great fun. My opponent for the campaign is planning on using pigs, so there could be some fun encounters. I will most likely try out Dux Brit at some point purely for the campaign ideas, but am sticking with the ones in Age of Arthur for WAB at present.

Steve J.

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