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Jan 14 15 5:17 PM

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Here are a couple of photos of my 28mm Welsh, usable for both Saga and Dux Bellorum. The Little Big Man Studios shield deals are superb!

I use red cohesion dice for noble warbands and white for ordinary. 

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Jan 24 15 8:50 AM

Now these look good, but I think I prefer the overall image the 15mm miniatures give for Dux Bellorum (as I just saw in your other post in this section).
It's funny how the difference in scale can alter a persons perception of a game - from battle to skirmish - considering the rules haven't actually altered, just the player's mental image.

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Feb 1 15 10:15 AM

I feel the same for most periods, but I think I just like my Dark Ages kit so much that I don't want to miss out on the good models no matter what size they are. And then I need to try to find ways to use them in as many games as possible by keeping my basing options open!

I played in this 28mm Hail Caesar game a couple of years back, based on the poem Y Gododdin. I was pretty impressed with it (and for once I didn't do too badly...)!!


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