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Mar 6 15 11:28 AM

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Hey guys. I am currently involving myself in yet another project (imagine that?!?). This time I am looking for old-school Wargamers who would be interested in contributing articles for a NEW blog on this topic - Supporting old-school/retro wargaming in the Featherstone/Grant tradition; something of a lost art these days. Anyway...
If you are interested please shoot me an email at forgenbrush@yahoo.comĀ  , or simply reply here.

Thanks much...image
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Mar 6 15 3:05 PM

I'm just becoming interested in this era and aesthetic of wargames myself, and I've recently picked up Lion Rampant too. I don't flatter myself that I've enough to contribute a whole article, but I shall watch with interest. Here are the first three test miniatures for a Lion Rampant retinue using Spencer Smith Normans, painted in the classic old school style.

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Mar 6 15 6:23 PM

Wow! Classic models indeed. They could be out of a Featherstone book (converted to B/W), hehehe... very nice.

I am pretty much looking for anyone willing to contribute content that fits the bill. The blog will simply have multiple authors. I will fill you (and everyone on the forum) of the blog when I get around to setting it up. So stay tuned. :)


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Mar 9 15 10:38 AM

If anything I do fit's your bill I'd be happy to contribute. Personally love the ethos of the Grant and Featherstone school; even if I tend to paint and model in a more modern style...

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Mar 9 15 11:25 PM

Anyone willing to contribute occasional articles for a Blog I will be running. The blog will be all about promoting the lost craft of wargaming in the Featherstone/Grant tradition; 'old-school' wargaming as they call it. Rules, and the mind-set in general, of wargamers back in the day was much fifferent than it is currently; that's what I mean by a "lost craft" I guess. If you have ever experienced wargaming back in the old days, you will know what I mean. There was a certain flair back then.

If you ever have the chance, grab a copy of one of Featherstones books and have a read.

I'll keep you updated.

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Apr 4 15 5:57 PM

Types of games

Hello. You are looking for Avalon Hill game players and such to write editorials about the older games. Is that correct? Such as Tactics 2 and Squad leader.

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Apr 4 15 8:08 PM

Miniatures games swantalon. There is a certain mystic in the old school ways of miniatures wargaming. I am thinking to Featherstone, Grant, Young, etc. All those classic rules, theories, and manner of game play.

I can remember when I first got interested in miniatures wargaming. My shelves were covered with books by the above authors. I can remember dreaming as a young guy how one day I would actually PLAY these games and enjoy everything that was the hobby (as presented in those days). Now, after many years, I am finally involed fully. However, rules and such today (as well as the basic "style" of play) has changed so much that it is unlike what was in the old days - what faciniated and captured my attention the most. Hence, the mystic of the "old school" wargaming as we call it today.

It's interesting to me how when we look back and read some of the older books on wargaming - classics to be honest - we are left wondering. Have we lost something of what wargaming was all about? Are rules today really that better off? What are we missing? What have we lost over the years? Things I ponder.

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Apr 6 15 10:42 PM

some questions

OK, as you may have guessed I think I am on the wrong side of the pond here in new England. Could you possibly give me full names of the authors you mentioned. I have been working on my own project in 1/72 scale. At this time the Napoleonic era.
Most of the original miniatures that made it over here were melted down by the 1860's for shot. Those that survived (strangely most are redcoats) are major collectibles
We've had a slight rise in the interest of miniatures but all in the realm of fantasy.
Now i see you folks still enjoy what i felt was a dead end. My curiosity is piqued and those are some wonderfully painted figures I see here.
Any info on lions rampant and such would be appreciated, but when you have time.
Tim Dion

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Apr 7 15 4:52 AM

Hi Tim.

Here are some names for you to research:
Donald Featherstone
Charles Grant
Stuart Asquith
H.G. Wells
Brigadier Peter Young
Tony Bath
Bruce Quarrie
Charles Wesencraft

Oh... check out the History of Wargaming Project by John Curry:


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#13 [url]

Apr 7 15 11:27 AM


Thank you for your advice. I appreciate it greatly. I also did research osprey publishing about the lion's rampant. Sounds extremely interesting and I think I will pick up their e-book.
My other favorite era is the 30 yrs war because of my ancestry. I thank you for your assistance.

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Mar 22 16 5:06 PM

I've got pretty big Billy Yank and Johnny Reb armiesĀ of Spencer Smith 30mm figures we use for 'old skool' gaming. If you ever want any piccys let me know.

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