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Aug 18 15 8:24 PM

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Lion Passant is Dux Rampant's own Ubique Matt's ECW variant of Lion Rampant. As I have been painting away at a couple of Warlord Games' Pike and Shotte Battalias, this gave me an opportunty to use most of the figures I have painted. When Is tarted this project I was playing around with basing so the minis are based ina variety of ways- did not impact the fun of the game at all.image

I used the "A Leisurely Stroll" scdenario from the rulebook. A Parliamentarian foot company is on it's way to join it's regiment and some patrolling Royalist cavalry have decided to interfere. 24 points aside, the forces looked like this:

Foot Company:
1 Colour Guard
1 Pikemen, Expert upgrade
1 trainee Pikemen
2 Musketeers
1 Trainee Musketeers

Royalist Cavalry
1 Cavaliers, Coronet, Drilled
1 Cavaliers
1 Dragoons (dismounted), Expert
1 Dragoons (dismounted)

I had an extra couple of points left over for the Royalists; I should have given one unit the Pistols upgrade.

Here the Parliamentarians are deployed in the NW corner, exiting the woods (recently mauled by an enourmous cat) via a road. A unit of musketeerslead the way, followed by the Colour guard and then the Expert Pike. Behind them are the Trainee Pike and Musketeers; the last unit of Musketeers didn't fit on the road so they started off table.
imageurl]<a href=[IMG]" alt="image">][/url]
Here the Dimounted Dragoons are deployed in the SW corner, in anticipation of ambushing the Parliamentarians.
imageurl]<a href=[IMG]" alt="image">][/url]
The 2 units of Cavaliers are deployed in the NE corner.

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