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Jan 11 16 12:19 PM

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Our group has a lot of GW figures so the question has come up for High Elf Archers.  You can take an Elite Foot and add missiles to make them Elite Archers, but could the Sharpshooter upgrade from the Archer profile be added to the unit as well?  It would be an expensive but tough unit at 10pts. 

We are not allowing the profile specific options to be added to other profiles, what are your thoughts on this.  The same would be true for Elf Scouts could they add Sharpshooter?
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Jan 11 16 5:23 PM

I wouldn't really class GW high elf archers as elite foot. The models wear very little armour (unless you're talking about LoTR) and should be considered light missiles. Elite foot are hard hitting in attack and heavily armoured. As for skirmishers I think they can already be considered 'elite' they are as hard hitting as a full 12 man unit but half the size, possibly representing their higher skill

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Jan 12 16 8:47 AM

I would go for light missiles with sharp shooter upgrade and mystical armour (cost 8 points). I would probably also make them a reduced model unit of six (so 2 strength points per elf)

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