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Jan 23 16 10:11 AM

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Revised the scenario, see below.

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Jan 23 16 10:18 AM

Got problems with a copy and paste text (from a word document/text) into this thread (as you can seen), i don´t know why.......
I must removed all formatting mistakes manually...

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Dec 14 16 12:38 PM

Final i got my first halfling units (pics follows later) and i revised my planned scenario. I have also revised my special "Sheriff of Nuttyham and Robin Halfhood" army lists (following also later).
I use general the official scenario "C - Death Chase" of the DR rulebook with a few additional scenario rules:

Death Chase – Robin Halfhood

The sheriff of Nuttyham has encashed the taxes from the poor peasants around of Nuttyham. Now he is going back with the full chest and stay overnight in a camp near the Sheerwood Forest. Rob Hood and his merrymen ambushing in the cover of Sherwood Forest to reclaim the chest with the taxes.

Mark off an area about 3-4´ x 4-6´
On the eastern edge is a the small village, on the western edge is the Fortress of Nuttyham. The ground between the fortress and the village is taken by the Sherwood Forest and other difficult terrain as rough ground, divided by a small way,=8.0ptwhich connected the fortress and the village.

Robin´s goal is to reclaim the chest with the taxes and make it back off to the eastern edge (Village of Nuttyham). The Sheriff of Nuttyham must get back the chest with the taxes safely to the fortress of Nuttyham. Any unt may pick up the chest, if it moves on it. A battered/destroyed unit let the chest back at the place, where it became battered/destroyed. Any other unit may then move in contact to get the chest again.

See Dragon Rampant rulebook, scenario “C – Death Chase” with following exceptions. Sheriff of Nuttyham and his retinue are the Defenders, they will be setup along the eastern edge (side with village)
Robin and his merrymen are the Attackers, they are setup in ambush, see special rules.

The Defenders (Sheriff of Nuttyham) goes first in this scenario.

This scenario uses the special Sentries rules which are detailed below:

Dragnets – Robin and his merrymen are equipped with nets to catch their enemies into it. Each unit of Robin´s retinue (including Robin itself) may try once to catch an enemy unit into the net, before attack it in melee. A unit which want successful attack a Sheriff´s unit in melee, may roll a D6 and on an result of 3+ the defending unit was catched into the net. The catched unit can´t use any unit skills e.g. “Countercharge, Evade, Skirmish” and may only defend with a value of 6 in this turn.=8.0ptAfter the start of the next turn, the catched unit  got free and will act normal. Each unit may use his net once in game.

Ambush - Robin and his merrymen are setup in ambush. The player setup a marker for each unit and additional 3 fake markers. The markers may be setup anywhere on the table, not closer than 18” to any enemy unit and not closer than 6” to a friendly unit. The marker should have hidden numbers or any signs, which refer clear to the corresponding unit. Only the Attacker knows, which marker represent which unit. Until such a unit don’t want take any action, they can´t be spotted =8.0ptby any enemy units (so they can´t be attacked, whether in range, melee or with magic attacks).

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Dec 14 16 12:46 PM

And sorry for my bad english image
If anybody wants correct the text in right english, feel free and do it :)


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Feb 18 17 3:17 AM

Just going on with the Halfling village. Here first pics.



In May i want present the scenario on a tabletop convention (beside of a Lion Rampant promotion table) :)

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