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Mar 15 16 9:29 PM

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  Hi.  Dux Bellorum seems to have all the unit types and strategies necessary to create armies in the British Isles up through 1066.  Fanatics for berserkers, Javelins for the Irish, Imposing Horse for the Normans, Javelins & Bows from the back rank for Anglo-Saxons and some Vikings, Allies for the Bretons and Irish-Norse, etc.  The one rule that is missing that is heavily emphasized in some other rule sets is the Danish two-handed ax.  Here is the rule I created:

    Only Anglo-Danish, Norse, Irish Norse, and Danish Companion, Shieldwall, and Warrior units can use the Danish Two-handed Axe (DTHA).  If any such infantry unit is equipped with the DTHA, reduce its Protection by 1 and increase its Agression by 2. 

    Sorry about the user name.  I first joined Yuku to use the General de Brigade forum.
   - Chris Salander
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Aug 14 16 7:17 PM

Tried out the Danish Axe rule including my addition that it takes a LP per unit to deploy axe men at the start of a melee phase - created havoc when used by noble shieldwall against an optimistic imposing cavalry charge.

The 1LP per unit may seem harsh, but in reality as Saxons tend to form one group as a shieldwall,  there are generally LPs available.

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