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Jul 2 16 11:56 AM

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Several units have "Any Fantastical Rules except Spellcasters......." as an optional upgrade.  

Can such units be given "Wizardlings" or "Summoners" as an upgrade? 

It's not specified in the rules, but the Wizardlings upgrade is positioned in the rules as a sub-section of the rules about Spellcasters, the Summoner upgrade is not.  . 

Edit:  I note that "Summoners" is often linked with "Spellcasters" as being a forbidden option. 

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Jul 2 16 12:23 PM

Absolutely. Keep in mind, these rules are not built along the same "tournament mentality" that the GW Warhammer rules were built (that is what most Fantasy gamers are used to these days). These rules will *not* stand up to the rigors of a tourney crowd "min-maxing" them to death looking for loop holes, because they are there in abundance. This is really not a bad thing. These rules were never intended for "that sort of crowd" IMHO.

With that in mind, we have made a few tweaks to the rules. Not really in an effort to close all of the "loop holes", but instead to level the playing field if someone whats to take one of the abilities, units that (we see) as not quite 'right' or in tune with the rest of the rules/units.

The changes are quite small (our #1 guideline is to keep it simple!).

They can be found here with changes to several things (including wizardling):

DFW Irregulars Rampant House Rules as of 27-Jun-2016

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Jan 28 17 4:44 PM

We are just starting a Dragon Rampant campaign at our club in Sydney and I was wondering if you would mind sharing your house rules with us - the link you posted above is broken

my email is pauljamesog (at) gmail (dot) com

many thanks!

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