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Gday once again from the Slave Dungeon, We’d like to announce that as of today all 28mm figures now come with plastic bases.Not really that exciting, huh!Well, the unique thing is that we offer you a choice of bases! We understand that our figures are being used in a wide variety of ways, some in Mass battle games such as Kings of War, while other people are using them in smaller games such as Dragon Rampant.What we now offer is that the buyer can choose to go with the stock standard bases that the figures come with OR they can choose to exchange the bases that come with the figures for different bases from a selection of other styles.Here’s the idea:·         A pack of 28mm Fantasy Skeletal Samurai will come with 20mm square slotta bases. However a buyer can choose to exchange these for any one of the following:1.       25mm square slotta bases2.       25mm round slotta bases3.       30mm round nosed bases·          Likewise the 25mm x 50mm Cavalry bases may be swapped for 50mm round nose bases. All of this need only be mentioned in the appropriate “notes” section of an order.Outside of this, all bases can be bought in the accessories section of the webstore if you require more.Check them all out here at www.slave2gaming.comOr contact us via Email at [email protected]

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