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Aug 23 16 5:20 AM

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Some thoughts for your comments please guys

1.  Apart from the immediate Household bases of Harold and possibly those of his brothers and the northern Earls,  the larger main body of housecarls count as noble shield wall with the loyalty bonus.

2. Danish axe, using the rules discussed in another thread on this page may be deployed by the housecarls and the normal noble shieldwall representing thegns.

3. 1 base of noble shieldwall may combine during intial deployment with 2 bases of ordinary shieldwall to make 3 units of strengthened shieldwall which fight as noble shieldwall but at the end of a turn in which a cohesion point is lost must pass a bravery test (+1 on dice for each cohesion lost) to retain noble shieldwall stats - if failed, base reverts to ordinary shieldwall for rest of game. 

4. All shieldwall have hurled weapons - texts say that the Normans made mention of the amount of stuff that was thrown out from a shieldwall.

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Aug 25 16 7:20 AM

"Norman conquest specifically?"

Largely for a weekend campaign series of games over the 950th anniversary in which bases are roughly 500-600 inf and 150-200 Cav.

It is documented that Harold had 2500-3000 housecarls at the start of the campaign but lost many before Hastings.  In terms of Dux Bellorum, I do not feel that you can count all as Comitatus so feel with noble shieldwall counting as Thegns, adding the loyalty trait to noble shieldwall gives the bulk of the Housecarls the edge but not that of the immediate inner guard.

Again, we know that the Saxons put the better troops along the front of the shield wall to stiffen it so the Mixed Shieldwall option allows this to happen, but when the higher factor is lost, the units become vulnerable, particularly when they revert to ordinary shieldwall including the impetuous advance after melee rule I am currently working on.

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