Oct 24 16 4:42 AM

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For reasons that I’m not going to describe online, I now have much less time to spend visiting the various online forums I previously frequented, both to support my own games and to enjoy my hobby.  

This means that - for now at least - I’m rarely going to be here, so please don’t write ‘Question for Dan’ type posts and expect an answer from me… there are plenty of knowledgable gamers here who’ve played many of my games and who have already shown their willingness to help others. 

I’ll still update my blog when I have news (http://merseybooks.blogspot.co.uk), and as I have done for the past 20 years or so, I will respond to (politely) written questions sent directly to me when time allows. If I eventually regain the time it takes to support this group in a proper manner, I will be back as it is great fun to be a part of. 

Thanks to everyone for helping to get this community off the ground, and enjoy your gaming.