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Nov 22 16 6:22 AM

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Can anybody just please collect list sources for Lion Rampant variants:
Samurai - here on forums
Elizabethian - here on forums
Dark Ages - WSS??
Eagle Rampant - WSS?

Any other?

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#1 [url]

Feb 6 17 3:43 PM

Finaly I have had the time to collect some links about conversions and variations I know

Eagle Rampant In Sicilly - WSS80 - First Punic Wars
Landwasters and Ravensfeeders WI331 - Dark Ages
Eagle Rampant - WI342 Napoleonic Wars

Oficial Web Addendum
Elizabethian -
Samurai Rampant -

Unofficial Web Supplements
Eagle Rampant the Gallic Wars -
Armour Rampant Modern Combat in Dragon Rampant Facebook Group
Laser Rampant Sci Fi in Dragon Rampant Facebook Group

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