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Dec 11 16 11:30 AM

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V2.0 of my LR Siege Rules. Could also be used for DR (giants and dragons to the wall...) Not intended to steal anyone's thunder. Tried to keep it simple in vein with the LR/DR rules.
Hoping to get in a big multi-player Lion Rampant siege game over the Christmas break. So, we'll see how well this works.
Could work out points using ideas from DR, but for now, will even up sides, perhaps 25% more points in units for the attackers?
Any feedback will be appreciated.

Set-up Castle wall 12" from defenders edge.
- There must be at least one gate. Defenders set-up first within 12" of their side.
- The castle gate can start the game open or closed. Attackers set-up with 12" of the opposite side.
- All measurements are measured directly. For example, to shoot at a target on the wall measure between the closest models bases, as usual, but it will be at an upward angle.

Winning conditions: - Attacker must have more units than the defender on the wall and in the courtyard.
- 9 turns seem about right for a 4' table.
- Defenders should have about 25% more units.

Defenders on the wall:
- Defenders on foot can climb up and down the inside of wall freely as long as they start their turn touching the wall. They may not move any further however; from the ground to the crenellations and vice versa.
- Allow Mounted Men-at-arms to dismount (if you have the models) if they would rather go up on the wall instead of sallying forth...
- Defenders on the wall increase Armor by 1 for both shooting and initial combat when a defending unit assaults from the ground level.
- When fighting on the wall top, it counts as rough terrain: Defense = 5 and Armor = 2 (except of course for fierce foot). Remember, the defender will actually have defense of 3 when assaulted from the ground level.
- Units can be 3" from each other if at different levels while at the wall.
- Defenders on the wall have rocks. They may drop (throw) them at defending units touching the wall at ground level directly below them (measure closest models).
- It takes a unit a movement order and touching the gate to open or close the gate.

Attackers at the wall:
- Attacking foot units have ladders. If touching the wall, up to half of the initial unit strength may climb up the wall that turn - 3 men-at-arms, 6 archers, etc. No further movement is allowed (along the wall) this initial turn when the first half of the unit climbs up.
- Can move along the wall on the follwing turn with the rest of the unit falling in (they were waiting their turn at the top of the ladders or siege tower). Remember, it counts as rough terrain for movement too (don't lose your footing!) Mind the 3" gap too.
- When fighting on the wall, it counts as rough terrain (Attack value = 5 and Armor = 2).

Siege Weapons!
- All siege weapons must be manned by one foot unit, if they are to be used.
- Unit must be above half strength to move/use siege weapon.
- Siege weapons move = 6".
- When the machine is manned, the manning unit must stay within 3" of the siege machine. It counts as the center of the unit.

Covered Battering Ram:
- Increases manning unit's armor by 1 against shooting (and rocks).
- Attack value of 3+ against gates. Always uses 12 attack dice (see above).
- Gate has armor 1 and 12 strength points, but can only be damaged by battering ram.
- Can only be damaged by other siege machines: armor 1 and 12 strength points.

- Does not require line-of-sight to the target. Can fire indirectly and lob boulders at units hidden in the courtyard.
- Shoot value of 4+.
- Long range is 24" and normal range is 18".
- Can only be damaged by other siege machines: armor 1 and 12 strength points.

- Requires line-of-sight to the target.
- Shoot value of 3+.
- Long range is 24" and normal range is 18".
- Negates increased armor save for defenders in cover (i.e. behind the crenellations on the wall).
- Can only be damaged by other siege machines: armor 1 and 12 strength points.

Siege Tower:
- When it reaches the wall, the manning unit may immediately rush inside.
- No shooting (or dropping of rocks) while a unit is in the siege tower.
- Entire unit may attack/move to the top of the wall on their next turn (unlike with ladders).
- Once in place against the wall, the siege tower may be used by other units, respecting the 3" separation rule at the top of the wall, of course.
- Can only be damaged by other siege machines: armor 1 and 12 strength points.

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Dec 12 16 12:14 PM

Thx for the rules. I had also months ago first thoughts about Siege rules, because they are missing in LR/DR.
Looking forward to it´s a good basic to implement own ideas :)


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Dec 13 16 4:53 AM

Your catapult is way over powered. 24" range, short range 18", hitting on a 3+ with no cover? That will cause total carnage to anything that stands on top of the wall - eg some archers. From 24" it can splat 3 archers per turn ad infinitum. Why even bother sending anything against the wall - simply pepper them from range with siege engines.

Turn limits also don't really work very well in LR/DR. Due to the variable nature of the activation it makes it a very luck dependent thing.

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Mar 27 17 9:19 AM

Well, because starting my DR project II - Siege scenario :)

i am back in this thread, looking for ideas of siege rules.
I will take over a few ideas for sure, but i will rule some still simpler, keeping always the simple and abstract general rules in mind ;)

So my first thoughts.

Ladders: The unit is equipped with enough ladders and move and battle general normal. Units with ladders may attack a (high fortress) wall same way, as they would attack other obstacles, like fences or smaller walls (so the defender should have cover or superb cover).
Storming Defence; If an attacking unit wins a melee against an enemy that is defending a high fortress wall, it may move into the exact same space/section previously occupied by the defender. This represents the storming of a defensive wall (took over these rules from ThePikemansLament). 

Covered Battering Ram: The unit is equipped with a battering ram, which has a sheltered roof as cover. Units Armour becomes +1 versus Shooting (including attacks with rocks).
A battering ram can only be used against entrance gates and wooden walls, but not against stone walls or towers. The unit may attack an entrance or wooden wall in contact, as the basic rules, but add +1 to the Attacker value.
The entrance or wooden walls have a number of damage points, they can resist, before they are destroyed. The number of damage points is determined per scenario.
A unit which is forced to retreat or destroyed, left back the battering ram at the current place. Another Infantry unit may crew such a left battering ram.

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