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Feb 2 17 1:35 AM

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Firstly, thanks for the rules. They look like a fun take on the Rampant system and we are looking forward to playing them more.

Our first club game has raised a pretty major rules question around legal charges.

The rules say that you cannot come within 3" of an enemy unit at any time except when charging it. This seems to lead to a lot of situations where you can't charge your target because another enemy is near it.

Take this situation for instance

The red pike seem unable to charge any unit in front of them.

The target units are all within 3" cohesion of a central model, and none of them are less than 1" from another unit.

However if the red pike was to charge, say, the central blue pike it would come within 3" of the flanking shot which is not legal.

I can understand that the rule is meant to stop you doing things like snaking a unit crossing directly in front of an enemy or snaking through a narrow gap between two units and other situations like that but I assume it's not meant to stop charges like the one shown above?

Another example would be two units deployed as a 6" line (3" cohesion on each side of a central model) one inch behind each other. Neither would ever be chargeable as to charge one would come within one inch of the other.


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