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Feb 7 17 12:42 AM

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I and Dan have had some questions regarding national army lists for The Pikemans Lament. We chose to exclude them from the rules, as at the company level we set our games at, you wouldn’t have troops representing the overall ratios of a national army. But since it seems like some players would like to have them, who are we to say no? So here’s a bunch of national army lists for different conflicts for the period 1618-1721. The lists are by no means complete or set in stone, so please feel free to adjust our suggestions as you wish.

You can download the National army lists here

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Mar 20 17 5:29 PM

Raw Dragoons

Sir Rodney was off on another encounter against his old enemy, Sir Thomas, this evening. We decided to use the early Royalist and Parliament army lists published here. The Parliamentarians are given a unit of raw dragoons for 3 points but we couldn't find any characteristics for such a unit in the rule book. In the end, we made them 8+ to skirmish but kept their other characteristics the same. Any thoughts?

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Mar 21 17 1:05 AM

HiGoog question... Sorry must have got caught up in the Raw parlamentarian troops.Dragoons can not be Raw in the Rules so My mistake. I have to adjust that list as it is now 25 points.To adjust it to 24 points Remove one of the raw shot and use a commanded shot unit instead.

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