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Feb 22 17 3:59 AM

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Because of my Dragon Rampant project "Rob Wood and the Sheriff of Nuttyham" (see another thread), i working just on a little halfling village image

Because i dont know all and the special english words of all the used material, i have more pics here and less words.
In my german thread i post the genesis of the complete scenario, from the initial idea to the final rule of the scenario.

But here now my halfling village:
The raw setup with a kind of styrofoam. The single house in front is original a druid cabin

The first one was converted into a halfling water mill by Thomarillion, see workshop here.

the second on my pic, i convert it myself next to a halfling forge. I use both then on my scenario table ;)


Here i covered the raw framework with expanding foam and brought it into shape with then

Then painting the facades and walls, flock the ground and hills.

With some material from the train modellmaking (not sure if this is the exact english word)
i added the final ambience.

Now all halfling villagers following, a first pic here

If the last villager is painted next, you get a final snapshot of this module :)

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Feb 24 17 7:49 AM

Thx, i was surprised myself, about the result. Looking forward for next year scenario table. It can happen (depending which CON scenario i create/use next year) i expand the village with an additional module and some more halfling cabins with different facades.

I convert just the druid hut (as written above) into a halfling forge, you can see my thread here. Description is german, but i use a lot of pics, so a text should not be really necessary ;)

The ongoing follows step by step

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