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Mar 6 17 4:45 PM

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I've had pretty good luck using LR as the tabletop rules for our Dux Britanniarum campaigns. I've been thinking about adding different troop options, one of which is the option for the Saxon player to take a unit of "classic" berserkers (setting aside historical arguments in this case). I've been thinking about making them a "glass cannon" - taking Fierce Foot stats and improving the Attack combat value to 2, while reducing Armor to 1, but also improving Courage to 1. They would do an incredible amount of damage, but also take the same, and only fail a Courage Test if they Rout. In all liklihood they would be Battered after one round of combat and gone after one or two rounds of combat - but they could leave a pretty big hole. What do you think? Would such a unit be worth taking? Are they worth more or less than normal Fierce Foot? My initial thoughts were more (the Attack and Morale increases outweigh the single Armor decrease), but it seems the Armor decrease by itself handicaps them enormously.
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Mar 7 17 6:14 AM

I would look to Dragon Rampant for upgrade ideas rather than change the stat line completely. So you could give them unfeeling which means they don't get battered but round up hits - two birds with one stone. If you wanted more punch then add the Venemous upgrade which means each 6 counts as two hits rather than one.

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Mar 8 17 4:59 AM

Thanks - both great suggestions. I had overlooked "No Feelings" under Undead completely, and Venomous also looks like a good option for some suitably variable damage. Harder to crunch the actual stats, but they look good, recast as "Berserk Rage" and "Frenzied Blows".

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