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Question from facebook:

Hey, this is a bit of a two part question. 1. Do you see snipers fitting into the scope of The Pikeman's Lament and 2. Did the Swedes use snipers during the TYW?



Good question and idee

True rifling dates from the mid-15th century, although military commanders preferred smooth bore weapons for infantry use because rifles were much more prone to problems due to powder fouling the barrel and because they took longer to reload and fire than muskets so was primarly used to hunt.

We havent really consider the use of Snipers in The Pikeman´s Lament, but if you feel like using one I would say that you can filed him as a Singele miniature unit (but with 6 hits) and use the stats for Field Gun @ 6 points. Way? Long range, imobilen as the Sniper have a cumbersome Rifle and want a secure position to snipe from. The damage can be interpid as damage and the psycological effekt on a unit that receive long range fire that are accurate.

I have no information regarding the use of Snipers in the swedish army during the TYW.

I see the Sniper idée just as a cost effektive way to field a 6 point unit with only 1 minis, and the facit that you can use the Warlord Sniper mini. 


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