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Mar 18 17 4:32 PM

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Any thoughts on stats?  I would probably make Boxers themselves tribal.  There is a case to upgrade them to represent their fanatacism but as one of their key strengths was thier numbers I am loath to reduce this effect.  Any Imperial troops might best be represented as Irregulars to emphasise the difference in quality compared to their opponents.

What about the Allied contingents?  All simple regulars or should anty nationalities be upgraded or downgraded? 
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Apr 15 17 12:42 PM

My Take on Boxer Chinese

I decided to take a whack at troop types for the Boxer Rebellion Chinese. It's mostly based on my gut reactions and repeated viewings of 55 Days at Peking rather than any specific, serious research.

Boxers: Tribal Infantry @ 3 pts.
Boxer shooters: Irregular Infantry, Poor Shots @ 3 pts.
Tigermen: Tribal Infantry, Fierce and Elite @ 6 pts. or Fierce and Veteran @ 5 pts.
Imperial Regulars: Irregular Infantry, Well-Armed @ 5 pts.
Jingal Teams: Poor Crewed Weapon (ranged as Machinegun, but only 2 dice/crewman) @ 4 pts.

And here's a sample 24-point Field Force: 

1 x Tigermen: Tribal Infantry, Fierce and Veteran @ 5 pts.
3 x Boxers: Tribal Infantry @ 9 pts.
2 x Boxer shooters: Irregular Infantry, Poor Shots @ 6 pts.
1 x Jingal Team: Poor Crewed Weapon @ 4 pts. 

For the Legation and Western forces, field troops would obviously be regulars, but I'd make the Carving Knife Brigade: Irregular Infantry, Veteran and Well-Armed @ 6 pts. or just Irregular Infantry, Well-Armed @ 5 pts. 

We've actually used these stats for numerous games in my local gaming group and they seem to feel about right. Tigermen kick butt; however, the Jingals seem to be rather useless—I really only included them because I have some lovely Jingal teams painted up! We pretty much decided that a poorly-crewed artillery piece would be more useful, especially in scenarios like C: To the Last Bullet where the Western forces are a long way off and inside a building.

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