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Mar 25 17 10:46 AM

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Because my DR project I - "Rob Wood and the Sheriff of Nuttyham" is ready

i already working on my next project, trying to make a siege scenario, to show, that DR is also excellent for siege games :)
The german thread is here

but i will add also the english rules later here also ;)
I will use my Halfling fortress "Nuttyham", adding/creating some more halfling cabins, enclosed from a small city wall to represent
the small town "Halbstatt".

This small town will defended by a bold retinue of halflings against assailing hordes, which hordes, i still don´t know ;)

So far i have finished a raw template of a city wall,


as i said, the full pictures will added step by step in my german thread ;)

I have checked already the LR and DR forum here because of siege rules, but if there are some additional ideas,
please share it with me, keep in mind always the simple and abstract basic rules :)

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