Apr 1 17 3:28 AM

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Adamc76 posted a question but it seems that there was something wrong on tha post as I cant access it, I still got hold of the question.“So a question came up in our first game. Trotters Caracole and the enemy fails its moral test.1) do the Trotters have to roll dice to see if they activate for the attack?2) Does the wavering unit retreat before or after the follow up?"


question 1: No, they don´t have to roll dice to see if they attack, it is a free move that are the benefit of using the Caracole action.

question 2: The wavering unit retreat first, then the Trotters make the follow  up move, this mean that depending on the Trotters possition from the Target unit they might not be able to Attack due to a to long distance, so you got to get the Trotters in as close as possible to catch the prey if they wavering by the shooting.