Apr 10 17 5:16 AM

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Scenario F requires some suitable objectives to put to the torch. A small haystack seemed to me to be the ideal item. The pictures below show the four I have made. The stages in the construction are shown in the first picture. A polystyrene block is carved to the required shape.  I stated with some 60mm diameter balls. The straw is brown wool wound around a former, I used a 5mm by 5mm bar, then taped on one side and cut through on the other. The resultant strip of “hay” is folded in half and glued in a spiral around the block. The resultant small Yeti is them coated with a 50/50 solution of PVA and water with some brown paint added. This is applied with an old toothbrush, combing the strands of wool in a downward direction. When fully dry a drybrush with cream paint finishes the stack.  For stability I added a disc of lead, inset into the base. The figure in the picture of the four completed stack is 28mm.  Sometime in the next month I will find out how well they burnimageimage