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Jun 1 17 1:16 AM

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Many of the unitsmay be upgraded to "veteran" status for a few points, with the notable exception of trotters and gallopers.  They can be downgraded to raw, but not veteran.  "Elite" looks like it has more to do with the armor the unit has than the skill of the troopers.  Has anyone tried or considered giving "veteran" status to them? 

Maybe for a 2 point cost veteran gallopers would get the aggresive trait without the wild charge.  Something like drilled in lion rampant.  Perhaps trotters would get a shoot value of 4 instead of 5, or maybe execute a carracole on an easier dice roll?  Any thoughts on this idea?
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Jun 5 17 9:08 AM

I think the units are by default fairly experienced - which is why you get the raw option vs. a veteran. Nothing stops you trying/using the options you mention though.

As for comments changing the shooting die is a big impact and would make trotters powerful, from the games we have played. Of course it just likely means they will get targeted more so would not be as useful anyway. The risk of the wild charge balances aggressive IMO for gallopers and again reflects the lack of control for any unit willing to really charge hard. That risk makes it much more fun - but that's just my view.

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