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Jun 6 17 5:40 AM

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We recently played a 3-player game at the skirmish level with TMWWBK, although the scenario would work with up to 5 or 6 players.

The three factions were German, Belgian and Mercenaries. They each had three units, 2 regular infantry and 1 veteran regular infantry, command and leader abilities were rolled as usual.

Following the map stolen from the renowned British archaeologist, Professor Mortimer-Whining, you have discovered the mysterious lost city he was excavating. You are not interested in the scientific value of this ancient site, just how much loot you can get away with.

A minor obstacle to your path to riches is that the local tribes are still up in arms over the Professor’s defilement of their sacred site. They are determined to kill any outsiders that dare to enter the city. You need to grab as much loot as possible and escape before the natives arrive in force. Preferably leaving your rivals empty handed to face the wrath of the outraged tribesmen.

Full scenario and more pictures on the blog


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