Jun 7 17 8:26 AM

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Again impressed with the thinking and structure of Mersey's rules.

The dastardly Spanish are supporting the MacLean clan lords to besiege Dunyvaig Castle. it would make an ideal galley base.

 Reinforcements are flocking to break the siege, led by Ronald McDonald, a ladies man and Ramsey Bolton a veteran soldier troubled by his old wounds, they are met by Ensign Diego Maradonna, a cad rumoured to be a bastard son of a priest, with three units of shot and his own sword armed bodyguard(aggressive Forlorn hope).  The troops flock onto the table, ghillies(Comanded veteran Shot), Warriors (agressive Forlorn hope) and Clansmen.  Ronald has boasted that he will personally kill the enemy commander and calls our Diego who promptly runs him through, in turn he is shot by the ghillies with a lucky shot.  The Spanish stand on the hill top firing into Ronald forces, while Ramsey Bolton works around the flank, a lucky shot takes out Ramsey  finally Ramsey's Warriors and McDonald clansmen charge the Spanish shot cutting right through them.

Great game with some good campaign outcomes for all three characters.  Ronald is found drunk and dressed as a clown, Ramsey old wound betrays him leaving him weak but he gains a trait now having 22 hounor, Diego is resuced from captivity and recovers from his gunshot wound.