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Jun 23 17 3:39 AM

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Just working on a special necromancer retinue, and therefore i have thougts about a few "special" necromantic spells.
The test games will show, if and how i have to adjust the spells. Because the spells are powerfull, they have most a value of 9+ and the Necromancer can´t use any other additional spells of the rulebook.

General i am also not a fan of additional houserules, therefore i created only 3 special necromanic spells (the Heal Thee and Sod-off-Spell are basic anyway).

Cost: 4 points.

The Necromancer can only use following spells, and not any other of the basic rulebook! He can´t use the “Summoner” update also.

Difficulty: 10+
Target: Anyhere within 8"
Duration: 1 immediate action
Effect: The Necromancer is awakening an undead crowed.
Setup a Ravenous Horde on the table. This unit may still activated. Such an awakening horde can´t claim any objective victory conditions.

Difficulty: 9+
Target: The spellcasters unit itself!
Duration: 1 immediate action
Effect: If the spellcasters unit is attacked with a range attack (including range magic attacks), he can decide to use this spell. If successful, the lost SP are reflected to the attacker and the attacker loose also the same number of SP. Can only used once per turn.

Heal Thee!
Difficulty: 7+
Target: Friendly unit within 18"
Duration: 1 immediate action
Effect: Restore 1 Strength Point to a friendly unit within range (except itself - the magic isn’t that powerful!). Strength may not rise above unit’s original value.

Soul Thee!
Difficulty: 9+
Target: Enemy unit within 10"
Duration: 1 immediate action
Effect: The target unit loose 1 Strength Point and the spellcasters unit itself restore 1 Strength Point. Strength may not rise above unit’s original value.

Sod-off Spell!
Difficulty: 8+
Target: One unit currently bespelled within 18"
Duration: Immediate cancellation
Effect: This spell cancels out the effect of any spells currently affecting one unit with a duration of 'Until the start of the player’s next activation phase’ or 'Until the unit Rallies’. If successful, the effect of all applicable spells on the targeted units are ended immediately. The spellcaster cannot target itself.


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